Goals & Promises

Culinary Options exists to assist clients in creating harmonious, sensible, profitable and enduring operations. Foodservice operators face multifaceted challenges: menu, labor, equipment, technology, design – all requiring attention. We advise commercial and on-site (noncommercial) foodservice companies on how to approach this tangle of demand and expense. We help them create a customer experience that will feel safe, inspire delight, and highlight the culinary experience. This work at the inception of a project is critical.

Our mission is simple. We promise to:

  • Support clarification of your vision
  • Provide perspective through open conversation
  • Revitalize existing operations and programs
  • Assist in achieving financial success
  • Listen restfully to your ideas
  • Facilitate and hone your decisions
  • Honor any bid
  • Deliver on time

In all matters, Karen adheres to the FCSI Code of Conduct which places
the Client’s interests and the Public’s interest above all.

We urge you to read the full text of The Code of Conduct of FCSI.