FCSI’s Future Customer Podcast Series – Episode One: Karen Malody, FCSI

Karen Malody
Karen Malody

Founder and Owner

Posted on January 13, 2020

Supported by Revel Systems, each episode features leading FCSI management consultants addressing how front-of-house is staying ahead of the curve

This new audio podcast series, supported by Revel Systems, features leading FCSI Professional member management advisory services (MAS) consultants discussing how and why foodservice is changing – and how the front-of-house element of the hospitality sector in particular is staying ahead of the curve.

Within the series we will focus on the changing demographics, technology, best practice and cuisine trends our consultant experts foresee in order to predict what the customer of the future will look like and the resultant impact on the industry.

In episode one, Karen Malody FCSI, principal of Culinary Options, LLC in Portland, Oregon, looks at how important it is for the consultant community – and operators – to keep abreast of the changing needs and behaviours of end-customers. She also discusses how evolving customer dining habits are currently changing the foodservice industry and the biggest customer habits that are influencing those changes.

You can hear the episode, below:


Malody believes the biggest element shaping customer dining habits is primarily “The demand for speed and convenience, driven by hyper-connectivity.” Consumers, she says, increasingly prize the saving of their time to be “more valuable” than saving money when dining, which has led to the huge up-surge in grab and go and food delivery offerings.

She also cites all-day snacking and the diminishment of three-meals-a-day as having “a tremendous impact” on operations. “The demand for transparency on all levels with regards to food sourcing, nutritional levels and preparation methods,” are also significant factors impacting on the foodservice and hospitality sector, according to Malody.

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