Mindfulness over madness: Karen Malody FCSI on employee wellbeing

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In a frantic post-pandemic world we need more than ever to focus on positive human relationships, says the owner of Culinary Options As a former psychiatric social worker, and now as a foodservice consultant, two topics are always at the forefront of my mind: thought diversity and mindfulness. The two are inextricably connected in this […]

What is the best way to manage growth?

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Talkback: Three foodservice professionals give their views on one question First and foremost, it’s vital for owners to do everything they can to grow what they have before investing in more locations. In other words: build your core before committing. Having more locations doesn’t always end up being growth. If not carefully managed, it can […]

Diversity & Disruption: Fuel

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Three words are dominant in our vocabulary today: diversity, innovation, disruption. It is the relationship of the three that is intriguing. Diversity of thought, termed “cognitive diversity”, often creates disruption. Disruption creates discomfort. Many successful leaders considerthis a whopping positive. The former CEO of General Motors, Alfred Sloan, had these thoughts in response to his […]

Where Is The Happy In Happy Hour?

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Sales is vanity, profit is sanity by Karen Malody, FCSI It all started with the Navy boys. In the 1920s, “Happy Hour” was slang for a scheduled entertainment period on board a ship; this was a valuable opportunity for sailors to relieve the stress accumulated during the long periods at sea. The fun was typically […]

The Art of Collaboration

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MAS and Design Consultants Working Together Initiallly Published: July 31, 2012Written by R. Todd Guyette, FCSI and Karen Malody, FCSI The expectations for today’s foodservice operations continue to mount. The net result is that the process todesign and build a new foodservice operation or remodel an existing one has never been more complex To rise […]