Mindfulness over madness: Karen Malody FCSI on employee wellbeing

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In a frantic post-pandemic world we need more than ever to focus on positive human relationships, says the owner of Culinary Options As a former psychiatric social worker, and now as a foodservice consultant, two topics are always at the forefront of my mind: thought diversity and mindfulness. The two are inextricably connected in this […]

What Happens in the Back of the House When the Menu Changes?

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Caroline Perkins October 25, 2021See Original Article One strategy that operators use to attract new customers and satisfy existing ones is changing their menus. They might add a new item or introduce a new, trendy preparation. Or they might switch to an entirely new cuisine. The question is: How do these changes affect the back […]

Closing the Disconnect: How to Work with Chefs

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FoodService Equipment & Supply February By Amelia Levin, Senior Associate Editor It’s pretty safe to say that the larger majority of chefs don’t work with consultants, and the larger majority of consultants don’t work with chefs when they design foodservice kitchens.  “Why not?” Perhaps the more appropriate question may be: “Why is it important to […]