Much of what Karen thinks about the various aspects of foodservice operations can be gleaned from her writing. She has written much, been featured often, cited a multitude of times and referred to by nearly everyone writing about food or equipment.
The Big Idea(tion) by Karen Malody
The Quality Quadrant by Karen Malody
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Consultant Success: Truth or Illusion? by Karen Malody
Menu Development for the Modern Era (Karen contributes)
Strategic Menu Development: Its Impact on Waste Reduction by Karen Malody
Closing the Disconnect: How to Work with Chefs (Karen contributes)
Where Is The Happy In Happy Hour? by Karen Malody
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Opening Night: How to Choose the Right Opening (Karen contributes)
The Changing Nature of Foodservice Supplies Purchases (Karen featured)
Equipment Selection: The Menu Consultant’s Viewpoint by Karen Malody
Your Restaurant’s How-to Guide: Customer Operations Manual (Karen contributes)

If you have not worked with an MAS consultant before then you might just take a few moments to check her bio page where she explains her role OR jump in anywhere here and read what Karen thinks about the importance of her role relative to your project.