• All foodservice operators I encounter in my consultancy are in one of three states of being:

    opening a new facility, or
    repairing an existing program, or
    closing a facility.

    Each has it’s own challenges, but all can be dealt with similarly. The goal is to avoid making critical, expensive decisions from an emotional point of view. Hospitality is a compelling, personal arena that succeeds without question from a clear commitment on the part of many individuals. But in order to stay fiscally solvent so this commitment can endure long enough to be satisfying, decisions must be made from a clear mental perspective.

    Being a good cook is not reason enough to open a foodservice facility. Hard times following initial success is not an adequate reason for quick changes or closing. There needs to be a Methodology for determining what to do when.

    And this is where a consultant enters. A good one is detached from the subtle emotional draws and can therefore guide the client through the maze of inquiry that needs be done. They are not involved to tell what to do - if you encounter such a consultant, flee. At days end you will only do what you are completely committed to what you thoroughly understand in terms meaningful to you.

    So a consultant with ethics know what questions to ask, how to hear the answers, and finally what form to put them all in so that you as the client have a map to follow, that can be shared with stakeholders, implemented by employees - and appreciated by customers.

    I have come to realize there are two key elements to this process of consulting. One, a client must have developed a High Concept, AND that concept must be articuclated in detail in the Vision Document. Trend date, ideas, advice is not enough. There are a million coffee shops, burger joints, Italian table cloth restaurants, employee dining rooms, and public facility outlets. Some are successful, many are not. And so there must be more to it than just having an idea, or a family recipe, and a corporate mandate. You need a High Concept and a Vision Document.

    So click on the appropriate link to the left and let’s talk about your situation. I encourage you to download the documents and spend some time with them. Get a feel for what I can do, what you need, how they might match up. Then go to CONTACT on my page, reach out with questions. I would be more than happy to help.


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